AIIM Online Test

Important points for students taking the online test:
 1. Please log in with the user id and password provided to you by us. The password is case sensitive and is valid for one time use only.
 2. Please go through all the instructions before you click 'Start Exam Now' button. No clarifications can be asked after you start the exam.
 3. Please select the correct option by clicking in the box provided before each question. You can change or modify your answer.
 4. Please ensure you have completed all modules related to the exam you are appearing for. Each module will be on a different tab. Once you click 'Finish' button, exam will be over and no changes can be done.
 5. Please answer all the questions within the allotted time. On completion of the allotted time, the exam will be automatically terminated and your result will be displayed based on your attempted questions.
 6. Use of mobile phones or any other aide is strictly prohibited.
 7. Strict action will be taken against anyone found copying, talking or using any unfair means during the exam.
 8. Students without ID card will not be allowed to appear for the exams.
 9. Please take a printout of your result on completion of exam.
10. In case of any error or malfunctioning of system, immediately bring it to the attention of supervisors and inform AIIM office.
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